Convert XML exported from WordPress onto Google Sheets.


A Spreadsheet-bound apps script solution to convert XML exported from the native WordPress tool into your Google Sheets file.

This is a solution with a very limited target: if you want to export the contents of your WordPress-powered website into your spreadsheet, using existing WordPress plugins should be your first choice. Crawl the web for keywords like wordpress and csv. Or if you are using WordPress versions 4.7 or later, you should be able to take advantage of the WordPress REST API, which, as part of the WordPress core features, would provide you with a more integrated experience.

This particular solution can be useful for those who do not/cannot install new plugins for some reason, and/or those who are using old versions of WordPress that are too old for newer features.


You can either

  1. Copy this sample spreadsheet or
  2. Copy & paste the file contents inside the src directory of the GitHub repository using Google Sheets’ script editor.

In the latter case,

  • Name the HTML file together with its directory src/, i.e, dialog.html should be save as src/dialog.html on the script editor. You wouldn’t need to change the default file name; just copy the contents of xml2sheets.js into it.
  • Copy the contents of worksheets Template - Channel and Template - Items to your spreadsheet.

Be sure to reload the spreadsheet after saving the script.

How to Use

  1. From the menu, select WordPress XML to Sheets > Parse XML.
  2. You will be prompted to upload the XML file that you exported from your WordPress website. Select your file and Upload.
  3. After about a minute of waiting, you will see a couple of worksheets created on your spreadsheet. One to give you a summary of the website and the other for the whole list of contents that you exported.

Terms and Conditions

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Source Code

Source code is available on GitHub. Please make requests for enhancements or reports of bugs via the GitHub issue. License regarding the use of the code is available on the GitHub repository.

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